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Coquitlam, BC-based artist Deanna Fligg is a creator who uses a variety of mediums that focus on the subject matter of pollinators. She expresses her ideas by creating paintings, illustrations, photographs and jewelry. Deanna is a 2006 graduate from Kwantlen Polytechnic University where she studied fine art and photography. She then moved on to receive her Management Certificate in Interior Design from BCIT in 2008. In 2013, she obtained her floral design certificates from the Maureen Sullivan Floral Design School. Having grown up surrounded by a beautiful garden, the majority of her inspirations are derived from the living organisms that have an impact on us on a daily basis. She believes the time she spent outdoors as a child really has had an influence on how her thoughts and visions are portrayed to this day. Depending on the type of artwork, they combine creatures, flora and environmental elements. Memories of her innocent childhood play, with leafhoppers and lady bugs, to the more serious topics of conservation and reality are formed together in her work. This deep connection between Mother Earth and how human activities are clashing came later as an adult but are now fully a part of her art practice. Deanna advocates for and promotes the importance of all pollinators, not just bees. She feels that every living thing has a story and she strives to share their tale as well as their beauty through her artwork. There has to be an understanding that we are not the only ones on this planet and she hopes her work can spark conversations to move forward and support this planet’s life for a better future. “Humans, we share the world; bee kind”, Deanna says.

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Earth is severely shifting and there are certain elements that most humans do not realize are needed for our lives to continue to function, such as pollinators. Through my art I am shedding light on the importance of all pollinators to our ecosystem, as well as on their current peril. I dip my toes into many forms of art using multiple materials which tend to draw in viewers due to the vibrant colours, attention to detail and abstract patterns. They spark environmental conversations and are extremely educational. My fascination with bees began back in 2006 when I started photographing them. In 2012, I watched a documentary about the decline of the honeybee population (honeybees are not native to North America but are still very important), and I felt compelled to spread the information from the film. Over the years my passion for all pollinators continued to grow on a more personal level, especially for our native species which need our help the most, so I made the decision to continue this specific journey with bees. I study, hang out, learn, talk to and understand them. I research them, all the way to the little pieces of hair on their legs. I explore different gardens, including my own, throughout the lower mainland trying to find different species to research and find ways to improve this planet. I have developed my paintings over the years through many different series and critical environmental topics. They are characterized by geometrical and stylized shapes with either a realistic or silhouetted subject matter. Like macro photography, the backgrounds in most of my paintings are blocked out unidentifiable shapes and or textures. They symbolize the pollinator’s lives, how their world is blurry and broken, and up in the air for survival. The bold colours are how I view their lives, incredibly strong and full of life. My newest mixed media creations incorporate all of these techniques with the aim of portraying an organically nurtured Earth through the soils to produce a pollinator friendly garden. Bees and other pollinators are misunderstood by many people and I strive to spread awareness on these beautiful creatures. I wish for my artwork to inspire change because without our pollinators or healthy lands, our lifestyles will significantly be impacted.

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