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Bangladeshi-born artist Faria Firoz is an interdisciplinary artist whose art practice explores globalization, cultural diaspora, displacement, and equity to examine identity and cultural hybridization. Her work investigates social, political, and cultural issues by utilizing pattern-making as a form of poetic meditation. Her commitment to social advocacy earned her the prestigious Lieutenant Governor’s Medal in 2021. Faria holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from the University of the Fraser Valley, where she was honored with the Outstanding Achievement Award. Currently, she is pursuing her Master of Fine Arts degree at Emily Carr University of Art & Design.

Firoz, Faria

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  Firoz, Faria


  Chilliwack , BC, Canada

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Artist Statement

Art helps me speak my mind. Art to me means opening a door and entering an entirely different realm where I have the opportunity, to explore, to have fun, to feel good, to be frustrated and not be judged, to be myself and find comfort in that. My work gives me the ability to explore issues I feel strongly about. Not finding all the answers but leaving with a sense of content. With my art I address social, political and cultural issues. Taking a critical look into culture, identity, diversity and community. “Stuck in Liminality 3” is part of a series that features three intricate paintings that depict a transitional period. It portrays the liminal space experienced during cultural transitions, symbolizing the state of being in between. The painting depict a void where individuals feel trapped and confused, as they struggle to find a sense of belonging. The figure within the painting is presented in a state of unease, constantly moving around in search of comfort and familiarity. The backgrounds of the paintings showcase intricate traditional Bangladeshi patterns known as “Alpona.” These patterns serve as a representation of the overwhelming amount of information that newcomers encounter when placed in a new environment. The intricate and complex nature of the backgrounds reflects the multitude of experiences, customs, and knowledge that one must navigate and understand during a cultural transition. My paintings are semi realistic that are highly detailed and intricate. I make art that resonate with the viewer and gives them a sense of attachment as they try to navigate through the intricacy of the painting. It stands before them as an experience and aims to leave an impression.

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