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Julie Epp is a contemporary oil painter and sculptor who lives and works in Surrey BC, Canada. Her colourful paintings offer a sense of peace and bliss, expressing the vibrancy of the ordinary but miraculous world that surrounds us. Julie is an award-winning artist and holds a BFA from the University of the Fraser Valley. Her artwork has been exhibited throughout the Fraser Valley and Tri-Cities and she is a member of New West Artists and the Federation of Canadian Artists. Throughout her career she has explored a multitude of mediums and themes, finding her way to her vibrant depictions of the forgotten marvel that is our world. Julie also specializes in teaching art to children and adults, emphasizing the importance of exploration, experimentation, and passion for creating in her lessons.  

Epp, Julie

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  Epp, Julie


  Surrey, BC, Canada

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Artist Statement

I grew up in a place where the clouds were always grey and acted as a signal it was time to go inside, but for more than a few short hours. Days, weeks, and months would pass, and the skies remained grey and the clouds stormy and dreary. I would (and still do) dread the change of seasons from summer to fall, reminding me of the long months of grey clouds ahead.  

In these paintings I aim to bring life to the clouds. It is surreal and unlikely to imagine Canada without clouds at all, so instead I paint skies that are full of fluffy clouds, heavy with pigment and saturation, reminding the viewer of a dreamier sky and a world of colour that exists in nature. I am inspired by the shapes and appearance of weight in the clouds throughout the year here in BC, Canada, as well as the colours that make an appearance close to sunset and spill out over the valley. My personal obsession with saturation and colour vibrancy allows me to exaggerate what I see in nature and turn the sky into a that of a dream. 


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