Hello and welcome to my page, I am a Visual Artist, Mixed/Multi Media

Julie Epp is The Clay Florist’s founder and fabricator. She has been making jewelry and other kinds of art since she was old enough to stop eating crayons, and loves creating miniatures of food, flowers, and more recently, body-positive jewelry, for her customers to express themselves through the wearable art. The Clay Florist is a combination of her love of flowers and sculpting, and her desire to celebrate the beautiful bodies of the world. Her body-positive jewelry is available in her online shop.

Epp, Julie

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  Surrey, BC, Canada

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My jewelry practice is the answer to a question of self-expression and comfort. I aim to create jewelry that is a statement rather than a compliment to clothing, to draw the attention to the statement the wearer wants to make. My work consists of resin, sculpted polymer clay, and sometimes recycled jewelry. Inspired by the body positivity movement and the notion of vulnerability in self-expression, the relationship between the wearer and their viewers is the focus of my work. I work primarily with sculpted polymer clay, but more recently with painted images and patterns solidified in resin. My artistic journey begins with inspiration most often by the spirit of the movement combined with seasonal natural expressions, helping me to find direction with my designs and visualize the wearer of my work and their mood in wearing the pieces. My designs are focused on the wearer and the feeling of presenting oneself with jewelry that highlights inner mood rather than fashion statements or conventional ideas of beauty. Each piece is handmade and therefore imperfect, but with each piece comes a personal connection to me, the artist, when I sculpted and formed the jewelry.

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