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Andrea England is fascinated by the sea. Perhaps it's no surprise that she prefers to paint in watercolour, with its flowing, translucent, temperamental nature. The compact and transportable nature of watercolours also allow them to fit in with Andrea's wanderlust, which led her to travel through and live in Oceania before settling in Canada. Now based in Victoria, BC with husband and boat, Andrea uses watercolours to share the beauty of Vancouver Island and the many wonders of its diverse wildlife and habitats. Rippling white lines of untouched paper give her paintings a sense of life and movement, capturing the feeling of water and wind. Vibrant colours and layers of translucent pigments create the sensation of looking beneath the water, and paints made from semi-precious stones add sparkle and granulation as well as providing a link to the earth. Andrea tries to reflect the spirit of islands and ocean in each of her paintings, creating a connection between the viewer and the fragile beauty of Vancouver Island's coastal ecosystems. Andrea has held solo shows at Coast Collective and the Cedar Hill Art Centre, including the highly successful 'Following the Curve of Time' at Cedar Hill in February 2020. She has participated in group shows including Victoria Arts Council's 'Look Show', 'In Conversation' at Coast Collective, 'Artisans' at Artsea Gallery and 'Winter Treasures' at the Port Moody Art Centre. In 2019 she also took part in the Moss Street Paint-In, the Hatley Castle Paint-In and the BC Boat Show Paint-In. In May 2019, Andrea was Artist-in-Residence at Victoria's Delta Ocean Pointe.

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I’m happiest when around water. Whether sailing on it, diving under it, paddling through it or painting with it, it sustains my soul. Living and painting on board Island Prism, a 36’ sailboat, means my inspiration can flow with the tides and currents of the ocean. My seascapes are built up one ripple at a time. I combine fluid brush strokes of translucent watercolour and untouched swirls of paper to create a sense of motion and light. I aim to share the beauty, wonder and interconnectedness of our stunning, rugged coastlines.

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