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Marney-Rose Edge is a Vancouver based artist who paints beauty with an air of romance. It is her true mastery that make her paintings come alive. Although Edge is well known for her watercolours, oils have become an important part of her creative process. Her subject matter over the years has included florals, nests, seascapes, animals, and landscapes. The subject suggests the choice of medium. Edge is a popular and well respected, teacher and juror sharing her extensive knowledge with students across the country. She was chosen as one of the elite instructors for the recent symposium with the CSPWC. Marney-Rose has appeared on the cover of International Artist Magazine, with a 10 page feature article. Her work has been featured in the highly-acclaimed series of Splash books, the Best of Watercolour and Acrylic works, The Best of Acrylics, as well as receiving many other awards. This year she was featured on Stella’s Studio a television show out of Toronto. To view please visit the Press page. She is a Senior Signature member of the Federation of Canadian Artists, serving on the Board of Directors for a number of years, and a Signature member of the Canadian Society of Painters in Watercolour.

Edge, Marney-Rose

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  Edge, Marney-Rose

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  New Westminster, BC, Canada

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I’m so inspired by the beautiful flowers I grow in my garden and being surrounded by nature. The interplay of light and shadow are strong components of my work. I have started incorporating the meta physical, based in realism but not reality, creating an ethereal state with a sense of space. My camera is my sketchbook and it captures a moment in time as life and light is fleeting. From there I can choose to articulate a story within the composition, building complexity to capture a passage in time. The bones of a composition have been simplified to the abstract structure with shape, colour, value and textures as elements I incorporate into the paintings. With the exception of landscapes, as they cannot be created life sized, my subjects are always larger than life, in size and boldness. I paint in oils for the softness and ethereal feel and also paint in watercolor for its vibrancy and fluidity. Even though the results of both mediums are bold in color, the paint is gently caressed in layers to create depth and dimension. I am expressing my love for natures beauty and incorporating my experiences through paint.

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