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Tara Devine is an acrylic painter and fluid artist currently residing in Port Moody. She is a self-taught artist and is currently taking courses at Emily Carr University. Professionally, Tara has many years of working with grief and loss which has led her to find solace in creating. Recently reconnecting with the Arts, Tara enjoys experimenting with new ideas, techniques, colors and textures. She gets inspiration from her family and her natural coastal surroundings. Her paintings vary from abstract images, imaginative themes, and representations of nature.

Devine, Tara

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  Devine, Tara


  Port Moody, BC, Canada

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Artist Statement

My love for art continues to be a lifelong journey with recent changes in our world providing me with new opportunities to get back in touch with my creative self. Although I love working with a variety of artistic mediums, I have a passion for acrylic painting and I am drawn to the freedom and flow of fluid art. I love how its abstract nature can achieve unique results that can evoke different feelings and interpretations. My artwork uses colors, textures, and different tools and techniques to create a variety of images and themes. My family is a great source of joy and inspiration in my life and my art. I feel honored to have my artwork exhibited in a public forum and I hope that it brings feelings of joy, imagination, and inspiration to others.

My Current Exhibitions: