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Sophie Davari is a Vancouver based surface pattern designer, illustrator and founder of Sophina Design. Sophie’s interest is in home decor, apparel, and stationary design. Sophina Design’s uniqueness lies in its inspiring pattern designs and uplifting illustrations with a sophisticated, imaginative, and delicate style.

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Davari, Sophie

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  Davari, Sophie


  Vancouver, BC,

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Artist Statement

It all started a long time ago in a far away land where true art is still respected, admired and appreciated. I was caught up in the beauty of patterns and started illustrating.  Those illustrated patterns paved the way to my higher calling as a pattern designer.

In 2009 I graduated from art school with a major in print. The techniques I learned were applied to a wide range of different surfaces with batik print becoming my favorite. My main tools are still my imagination, pencil and paper. As we entered the digital age I learned Illustrator and Photoshop and the secret techniques of transferring traditional pencil and paper art to this new digital art form.

With the encouragement of my mentor, I started paying attention to a neglected interest. I discovered my love for surface pattern design and my appetite for interior decoration, so I intensified my sketching and painting.

I try to reach beyond art and appeal to my viewer’s souls. I think that’s more than art, that’s magic. It is the kind of magic I love to create and gently etch into people’s hearts and minds so that it helps them grow as human beings.