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Sanjoy Kumar Das was born in India, Meghalaya and he presently has a studio in Surrey, BC Canada. Sanjoy is a Professional Artist and an Intern Architect specializing in custom residences. He works in various mediums-oil, watercolor, pen & ink, airbrush. He has a Bachelor’s degree in Architecture and is a Certified Instructor for Design. Sanjoy has had a solo Art show in Tsawwassen Art Centre, and participated in group exhibitions at the Surrey Art Gallery and Port Moody Art Centre. He frequently holds art workshops. He had absolutely no idea that when he boarded a train to Mumbai to pursue Architecture, he was actually taking the first steps into a direction of healing and self-awareness. It was years later that it dawned upon him that his area of study and practice of architecture and art were the mediums that propelled him towards healing and the exploration of the nature of the self. Sanjoy’s work is intuitive in nature and done spontaneously. Sanjoy also does landscapes, figurative, surrealism, abstract paintings and graphic novel art. Creating art makes Sanjoy alert and present, enabling him to live in the moment. His objective is to bring this heightened sense of awareness into his art and everyday life and share this experience with the onlooker. Once he has an idea, he tries to find the best possible way to express it in form through various media such as drawing, painting, or sculpture, and sometimes even combination of all three. This exhibition is a culmination of study, practice and meditation on the effect of sound and colour/light and prayer on the human body. He has made an attempt to express his experience through his art and writing.

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The covid -19 virus has affected everyone in various ways. My dearest cousin Baba who also was an aspiring artist succumbed to this virus and departed from amongst us at a tender age of 34 years. As I spiraled into depression with this news, I was fortunate to have my friend and mentor Mr. Venkat Pillai encourage me to paint 25 paintings and transform the situation as we sometimes say “Turning poison into medicine”. The concept for the art exhibition is inspired form the Hindu tradition of Tantra Art. My art work is a byproduct of meditation on this philosophy and Sadhana (daily practice). This experience has greatly enhanced my well-being and wish to share this experience via my art and writing. Tantra art has developed a system of thought which makes us see the universe within us and ourselves as the Universe. Hindu experience owes to Tantra the discovery and location of the centers of Energy-Chakras in the Human Body. In the Hindu tradition of Tantra art, chakras are vital energy centers whose main function is that they connect with the energies of the surrounding and transmit these energies to our bodies and vice versa. Each individual according to Tantra is a manifestation of that energy, and the objects around us are the outcome of the same consciousness ever revealing itself in various modes. The chakras have colors because they vibrate with different frequencies and their location in the body determines the color and function. The use of colors for healing and therapeutic purposes has been prevalent in the past. It is something that was practiced and continues to be relevant to this day. Our ancestors observed light as a source of life and the driving force of life’s processes. Light corresponds to health of the body, mind, and spirit. Healing with colors was rediscovered in the beginning of 20th century and color therapy was approached from a scientific standpoint. Since then there have been many advances, for instance photo-dynamic therapy, which is used in cancer treatment. The chakras can be measured by the Gas Discharge Visualization Device (GDV) and scores on the Profile of Mood States. Regardless of one’s age or gender, spiritual orientation or beliefs, one can learn how to manipulate their chakra energy with the use of color and breath work and use it to your advantage. Tantra is a scientific method by which one can bring out his true potential that is inherent in him. All the paintings and written material are pointers only, just like a finger pointing towards the moon! One has to look within! To alleviate the sufferings of covid -19 victims, 30% of the proceeds from this Art exhibition will be donated

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