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Sue A. Cowan is an award-winning artist who is passionate about painting the world around her. Born in Scotland and based in Coquitlam, Sue celebrates the beauty of experiences and objects that make up everyday life with collections including landscapes, figures, portraits, still life, and Celtic stones. She loves to immerse herself in nature and regularly works in “plein air” (painting outside), trying to capture impressions before the ever-elusive light changes. Sue taught drawing and painting for over 25 years and inspires new and emerging artists to gain skill and confidence to develop their unique personal vision. A supportive and encouraging teacher, Sue helps to simplify the complexity of nature to allow artists to experience the joy of painting outdoors and create fresh, immediate artwork. In 2011, she was awarded senior signature status by the Federation of Canadian Artists in recognition of her artwork. Her work has been showcased throughout the Lower Mainland.

Cowan, Sue A.

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  Cowan, Sue A.

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  Coquitlam, BC, Canada

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For two years, the Coquitlam River and Galette Parks became the sanctuary of Sue A. Cowan and Robert Ascroft, an oasis, and source of joy. The pandemic, extreme temperatures, forest fires and a world in turmoil sent us to the river where we found a refuge filled with light and shade, soft breezes, water gurgling or rushing and an array of constantly changing colour. We spent many happy hours there, never tiring of all that our senses could absorb. Numerous sketches, and plein air studies were painted, photos taken, lunches eaten, spectators, cyclists, dogs, birds and bears encountered. Returning to our home studios we produced the paintings you see. Robert has worked in oil in a representation style. Sue’s paintings in acrylic are more impressionistic. Our different styles reflect our distinct responses to time and place, but all the work reflects our wonderful river days. We hope this exhibition will transport you with us to this magical place.

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