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Teesa Christie is a self taught watercolour artist who lives and works in Port Moody, BC. She is of mixed-race Japanese-Canadian descent and is inspired by the expressiveness and simplicity of Japanese art. In addition to her wildlife paintings, she likes to explore her Japanese heritage and themes of multiculturalism in her work. Growing up surrounded by nature, Teesa has developed a deep love of the natural world. She loves painting the flora and fauna of Vancouver, BC as part of her mission to educate people about the species that live here and to encourage their conservation. Teesa is an active member of the Federation of Canadian Artists, Port Moody Art Association and Art Focus.

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I think encounters with wildlife and nature are a magical experience, and I try to bring that same magic into my art. Transparent watercolour also has a magical quality to it, the paint moves and flows spontaneously, and the finished paintings seem to glow from within. Working from my own photos and observations, I build up each painting with numerous glazes, starting with colourful, loose washes, and gradually building up the detail. My paintings capture not just the outward appearance of my subjects, but their “essence” and personality as well. I mainly focus on painting the wildflowers, birds and animals that live here in British Columbia, especially those that call the lower mainland home. I hope to educate people about the many wonderful species that that live here and to encourage people to connect with nature and thus to protect it.

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