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Ysabella is a ceramic artist and graphic designer, as well as an illustrator with a great desire to learn creativity in diverse fields as a visual artist. Ysabella holds a BFA and MFA from Seoul National University of Technology, College of Art and Design, Seoul, S. Korea and a Diploma of Graphic Design, School of Media and Design from the Algonquin College in Ottawa. Formerly educated as a ceramic artist in Seoul, S Korea then Graphic Designer in Ottawa, ON, Canada, she specializes in unique handmade functional pieces in an artistic way for daily use, as well as hand-cut paper collage and illustration art work in abstract, organic forms in colour combinations. She also emphasizes on compositional elements such as lines, shapes, textures, colours, positive and negative space, based on design principles. In her art, Ysabella loves to do everything by hand, so every one of her projects start with scissors, paper or clay and a playful collage session. She is on a constant exploration between clay or paper using a variety of shapes and colours. Her work is distinguished by its modern and curvilinear form, as well as their playful movement and naturalistic tension. She enjoys exploring colours and shapes which give her joy, and also using different mediums to show her creativity. Her goal is to create work that invokes joy and happiness in collectors who choose her work to be part of their own unique place and space.

Choung, Ysabella

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  Choung, Ysabella


  Port Moody, BC, Canada

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When I create a piece, I like to explore harmony and balance using curvilinear shapes and organic forms for patterns that are largely inspired by nature. This workflow is meditative for me; I love puzzling with elements for a while until capturing fleeting moments. I let that lead me into the artwork with different mediums. Sometimes, it leads me with few simple patterns or a complicated composition. Every element has meaning in its own place. I add depth, positive and negative space, texture, and, of course, colours, all of which bring new life to the my art pieces. Each piece is treated as new canvas, even though I may sometimes repeat the same design. It never can be same, since I always like to make different styles. I am still developing myself as a visual artist in different ways, such as by challenging myself further or searching for new styles.

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