Hello and welcome to my page, I am a Visual Artist, Mixed/Multi Media, Photo/Film Artist

A fourth-generation Chinese-Canadian, Garrett Andrew Chong was born in Armstrong, BC, in the early 60’s and graduated with honours (graphic design and fine art photography) from ECUAD (Emily Carr University of Art and Design) in the mid 80’s. The emotional intelligence of visual imaging became a natural form of expression for him at a young age. Over the past 35 years, his photography and mixed media artworks have evolved through spiritual influences; specifically, sacred teachings, silent meditation and Hatha yoga. Each of these practices has contributed to the re-alignment of his imagery. Excursions to the ancestral ruins of China inspired him to pursue a spiritual path as an artistic expression. He has journeyed through the ancient civilizations of South East Asia, Peru and Mexico, the historical environments of the European Union, and the natural wonders of America. Over the decades, Chong has given back to the community by fundraising and donating to the Downtown Eastside Woman’s Centre (DEWC), Chinese Cultural Centre, BC Special Olympics and Frog Hollow Neighbourhood House. He has lived in the lower mainland for over half a century and his studio is located in Railtown, Vancouver, Canada since the late 90’s. When home; Garrett exhibits year-round in FirstSaturday.ca (Artists in their Workspace) as well as the annual Eastside Culture Crawl, and select fine art galleries.

Chong, Garrett Andrew

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My early black and white infrared photographs and mixed media artworks captured the energies and unseen light within environments, structures and the human body. In recent years; my work involves mastering the ambient illumination of HDR technology, the transformative presence of Reiki Zen meditative music and illustrating the atmospheric beauty of our natural world. By presenting a conversation with words and meditating into the visual art; my pieces explore, interpret and juxtapose select prose, iconography and landscapes. Often utilizing a three-quarter by one-quarter composition, the quiescent collages are interwoven through generated-line, integrated colour vocabulary and interpretive meaning. It is said… The Buddha once held up a flower for his fellow monks. After witnessing the presence of the bloom, a monk smiled, yet remained motionless. This practice of stillness and awareness is believed to be the origins and nature of Zen. Not two… My art practice examines this interconnection of oneness. While spiritual sages conceptualize flowers as enlightened plants, the collages juxtapose iconography (flowers, animals, incense, trees and human beings) with the auras of sacred places. Meditative prayer poses are presented in my pieces as a witnessing presence and reminder to awaken and celebrate our beautiful kinship with the natural world. My subject matter harmonizes the auras of spiritual temples, protected environments and living beings with rhythms of eclectic icons and earth elements. In essence, my works celebrate the beautiful kinship and spiritual intelligence of the intuitive age.