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I grew up in a small town called West Bengal, a province of India. I was attracted to origami since I was a kid. It amazed me to see how a simple piece of paper can turn into a beautiful art ,so I started learning it by trying my own. I was also interested in drawing so I picked it up as a hobby. Observing me drawing things and getting better at it, one day my uncle took me and my cousin into an art school where both of us started learning drawing and painting. That is where it all started. Although I was interested in painting,I wanted to finish my general studies. I started thinking about painting again when I finished my graduation in accounts. I started pursuing my passing again. I found an opportunity to go to an art college, where I studied Indian style of painting for the next five years and graduated with first class. After my second graduation, I got married and moved to a different province. Where I continued my art.

Chakraborty, Ranu

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  Chakraborty, Ranu

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  vancouver, British Columbia , Canada

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As we live in present, we learn from nature and things around us that how to stay active, stay positive and keep energizing each other. I think my work is inspired from nature and it's positiveness, which I think is very useful in today's world. Positiveness bring a bright future and willing to learn even more and live a healthy life. What more do we need from our future generations? Our kids need inspiration and nature is and has been the best inspiration one can get. My work talks about how flowers can bloom and brings colour, patterns, forms and many other designs to live. Which keeps changing and makes every moment of its life count. How a cat can be curious and mischievous and still be wise and understanding. How we can appreciate life around us which serves it's best even if it's for a very short time.

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