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Born and brought up in a remote town in India, Ranu Chakraborty was always very passionate about art, living far from a city it was hard for her to pursue art college education. But with love for her art and her dream, she graduated in Fine Art from the Govt, College of Art, India, with a first class rank and started following her dream of becoming an independent artist. It has been more than 15 years since she has been working as an artist in India and now in Canada.

In time, she was introduced to Acrylic as a medium of art. It gave a new direction to her pursuit of art. As a medium, it is something so unique, so delicate yet strong in its appearance, it motivated her enough to learn it and then, Master it. It is a job of many long hours of work and precise measurement. A small mistake can be a disaster. So patience, skilled craftsmanship and loads of hard work is what makes it so beautiful and unique.

Over the period of 15 long years of practicing and experimenting with the techniques, Ranu started creating wonders out of this medium. It’s really something magical, attractive and unbelievable where one stroke of brush and its thickness can be turned into an artistic expression and sometimes three dimensions on canvas, by using light and shadows, and with reflection of colour.

Chakraborty, Ranu

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  Chakraborty, Ranu

  Richmond , BC,

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Artist Statement

Raised in the countryside, I always find peace in the bonding of life and nature. It reflects the changes of form, space and colour which is similar to both living and nonliving elements.

After moving to Canada, I found myself close to nature. My subject is the constant changes of nature harmonious with environments. I tried to create changes in colour and the shapes of shadows, reflections, as light changes its position, to capture the magical story of motion of any form and it’s freedom to move and grow in nature. Many of my artworks are done with Acrylic paint. The medium is very fragile yet robust looking, smooth and bright with eccentric yet common textures.

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