Hello and welcome to my page, I am a Mixed/Multi Media, Metal/Wood Artist

I seek the inimitable. Weathered. Cast aside. High on the tide line are the gems I collect. Simultaneously thrilled and saddened by what I find.  Liberated from the churning ocean and sun’s harsh rays, remnants of manufactured debris become my objet trouvé. My impetus for creation.

I started working with post-consumer plastics in a project I dubbed, Mining Under The Kitchen Sink. It didn’t take long in my research of plastic waste to include other places.

Catchpole, Bridget

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  Catchpole, Bridget


  Hornby Island, BC,

Samples of my work

Artist Statement

I am a queer identified visual artist with a practice in contemporary art jewellery and sculpture. For more than 20 years, my works are a material exploration of plastic's worth and waste. I use post-consumer plastics and found marine debris to explore the personal and cultural biases of a perceived worthless material and the disastrous impacts this perception has impacted on the planet's biosphere. These self-harvested materials become a departure point for broader topics of repair not replace, as well as a partiality involving worth and waste, blurring notions of what is precious, valuable and lasting. I work and live on the unceded territory of the K'ómoks First Nation of Hornby Island, BC.

My Current Exhibitions: