Hello and welcome to my page, I am a Visual Artist, Mixed/Multi Media

Bridget Catchpole works out of her studio, affectionately referred to as East Van Bower, at 1000 Parker Street Studios in Vancouver, BC. She collects synthetic debris washed ashore along the Pacific Northwest Coast as material for her one-of-a-kind jewellery and sculptures. Her work has exhibited in Canada, United States, Republic of Korea, and Europe. Bridget is a recipient of Canada Council for the Arts (2011, 2003) and British Columbia Arts Council (2007, 2005) grants. She is a graduate of a BFA in Studio Art (1998) at Concordia University, Montreal, and of a Jewellery Art and Design Diploma (1992) at Vancouver Community College, Vancouver. She is represented by Galerie Noel Guyomarc'h in Montreal and Craft Council of BC in Vancouver.

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Bridget Catchpole's process of collecting, reimagining, and reworking discarded materials led her to the Pacific Ocean. The insurmountable quantity of marine plastic has become a focal point for her studio jewellery and sculpture. In her own words “I seek the inimitable. Weathered. Cast aside. High on the tide line are the gems I collect. Simultaneously thrilled and saddened by what I find. Liberated from the churning ocean and sun’s harsh rays, remnants of manufactured debris become my objet trouvé. My impetus for creation.”

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