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Axel Breutigam is a - German born - Canadian Fine Art Photographer who’s work focuses mainly on Architectural, Landscape and Flower Photography. After a successful career as an attorney and CPA in his native Hamburg, Germany, Breutigam sold his law firm and relocated to Vancouver, BC, Canada to pursue his lifelong passion of photography. Breutigam is essentially self-taught but also studied in New Mexico under Alan Ross, Ansel Adams’ former assistant to enhanced his technical skill and to be taught how best to use digital processing techniques that emulate the darkroom prints of earlier decades. Breutigam has established himself as a photographer with a distinct and technically sophisticated style. Intriguing perspectives, bold lighting and abstract geometric shapes are characteristic of his evocative, timeless compositions. Breutigam’s motifs of abstraction and sharply focused forms make his photographs remarkably contemporary, while the traditional techniques he practices imbue his photographs with a timeless quality. Since 2014 Breutigam had 7 Solo and 19 Group Exhibitions in Canada and the US. Breutigam has been living with his wife in Vancovuer, BC for more than 20 years; the couple has two married children and two grandsons.

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EXPLORING URBAN FORMS Capturing an entire structure most often, doesn’t do justice to the beauty found in underlying details. The viewer’s eye is distracted by urban trivialities, things everyone takes for granted and - of course, we are talking about urban environments here - excessive clutter. Exploring a building from all possible angles of view and finding the parts of the structure which lead to another layer of abstraction is what I am seeking visually. To do so it is often necessary to give space and put things into a reductive perspective. When successful, an almost mechanical energy comes to light and the images get a ‘sculptural’ feeling. Isolating reality this way through the lens eliminates distraction and empowers viewers to reflect upon their surroundings, and enables them to appreciate the often overlooked beauty found in urban environments simply through artistic presentation. Coming across my photographs encourages the viewers to “LOOK UP - LOOK DOWN - LOOK RIGHT - LOOK LEFT” and they’ll find urban beauty in urban details. Axel Breutigam

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