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Kimberly Blackstock is a Canadian artist born in Vancouver. She graduated from the Design and Illustration program at Capilano University in 1995 where she developed a passion for painting and illustrating. After graduation, she exhibited her work throughout Greater Vancouver and gained gallery representation at the age of 24. However painting alongside her design career became a balancing act and when family priorities came into play, her studio time was eventually outweighed by her design career. In 2012 she stepped away from her computer and picked up her brushes again “I knew I wasn’t being true to myself, I needed to create again in a more tangible manner”. She quit her job as a designer to focus solely on being an artist. In the past seven years, Kimberly has become a passionate and prolific painter. Emerging as an artist known for her dedication to exploring and pushing the boundaries of paint application. Her palette is uplifting and energetic, and her work is full of bigger than life gestural brushstrokes and vibrant pools of colour. She has created numerous bodies of work, both representational and abstract; exhibiting in group shows, solo shows as well as collaborations and publication as a representative of West Coast Canadian art. “When you lose a part of yourself and make a life changing decision to gain it back, you become stronger, more passionate and more dedicated to staying true to yourself” When not in her own studio Blackstock inspires and instructs people of all ages to find creative motivation, seek new ways of seeing and gain technical skills to develop and share their own creative vision.

Blackstock, Kimberly

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In my painting I aim to capture the powerful vitality within and beyond the visual realm. Through a range of expressive methods—realism, impressionism, abstraction—my work attempts to evoke the beauty of the unseen, the beauty of what is deeply felt when witnessing works of art. The fulfillment I gain through my practice is above all about connection. I see painting as an imaginative activity that puts me in touch with the distinct feelings of my subject matter. Capturing this powerful essence ensures these immaterial sensations are shared. As viewers connect to the work and to each other, the world is charged with new energy flows.

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