Hello and welcome to my page, I am a Glass Artist

I was first introduced to stained glass in the early eighties when this medium suddenly became very popular. I attended a few workshops and learned the techniques of copper foiling and lead caming. I was captivated by this art form, wich inspired me to set up a small studio in my house. Working with glass is labor intensive, but it always challenges me to explore new ways for expressing my artistic ideas. I mainly use the copper foil technique because it allows me to design with easy flowing lines which more naturally suit my background in drawing. In the past I have had opportunities to show my work at various times and places: I had a solo show at the Port Moody Art Centre in 2005, "Reflections in Glass". In 2007 I participated in a group show at the Surrey Art Gallery, and since have had my work displayed at various venues. I also had my work profiled in the Profitable Glass Magazine, and I was a member of the Silk Gallery in Port Moody until its closure last year.

Billings, Margret

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  Billings, Margret

  Port Moody, British Columbia, Canada

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For me as an artist, Glass has become the most fascinating medium to work with since it gives me the added chance to design with light. Stained glass has seen its ups and downs in popularity over the years, but I still enjoy the challenges of this art. The fascination for me is the effect of the finished piece in the ever changing light which will call it to your attention and surprise you again and again.

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