Hello and welcome to my page, I am a Glass Artist

My glass beadmaking journey began in 2012, and I have studied with many prominent Canadian and American glass bead artists. For three years (2017-2019) I was the chief organizer of ABLAZE, an annual international glass beadmaking conference held at Terminal City Glass Co-op in Vancouver. I have an extensive background in visual and text communication, and I taught graphic design for 12 years through BCIT and Emily Carr University.

Beaumont, Cathy

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  Beaumont, Cathy


  Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

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Artist Statement

I'm addicted to colour, and glass is a fascinating medium for bringing colour to life. In my glass jewellery pieces I want to connect on both visual and tactile levels. Visually, I love evoking that pupil-dilating reaction people have when they perceive colour and light and transparency and opacity combining in a unique way. I also want to evoke the element of surprise when people touch glass that isn't slippery-shiny but as soft as velvet. My work is inspired by the clean lines and organic shapes of Modern design. Every piece I make must function optimally as well as enhance the human environment in which it is placed. There is nothing extra in my designs — just clear, saturated colour in a streamlined form that invites the light.

My Current Exhibitions: