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My professional career for the last 25 years has been appearing on National Canadian television as a chef, and teaching student chefs in 40 different culinary schools on an annual basis across Canada. My work has been sponsored by an American food company that specializes in pears. Since television studios were closed during Covid, I began making paper mache animals and people. As of August 2023, I retired from television and teaching, and I am now a full time artist, painting and making paper mache folk art. Folk art is the medium where I can express and create my zest for life, colour, and vibrancy.

Barrett, Wendy

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  Barrett, Wendy

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  Coquitlam, BC, Canada

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Art gives me the venue to celebrate life through the eyes of children. Colour and playfulness stimulate my imagination and bring joy to me through art of creating. My hope is that my paper mache folk art brings joy to children, parents and everyone who enjoys art.

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