Hello and welcome to my page, I am a Fibre Artist

Patricia has over the years has explored a wide variety of craft mediums, sewed clothing and other household items. As a volunteer she has completed sewing projects for museums ranging from labels in cloth artifacts to making seat covers and cushions for an old train caboose! She has also created custom bags for walkers, cases for historical weapons and bags neck pieces for historical highland costumes. She has replicated pattern for traditional military cape and created same. She enjoys crafting with all ages, acrylic painting, photography, and embroidery. Most recently she is exploring different embroidery floss types and styles of traditional embroidery and felt projects. She is also interested in developing her skills as a painter and has been taking classes in watercolour techniques. Patricia is an experienced manager and leader. Past positions have included Manager of a provincial program for Red Cross, and work in the Military as a Logistics officer. Currently she is focused on development of her crafting and art skills and volunteering in community programs.

Patricia Barrett

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  Patricia Barrett

  Coquitlam, British Columbia, Canada

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I enjoy learning about traditional crafts from all cultures and seeing the connections that exist in the arts between cultures, and mediums. I am particularly interested in fibre arts and how crafts that at one time were essential to daily life have come to be objects cherished for their craftmanship. For example, fishing net making to lace! My current interest is embroidery, but I enjoy learning and working in a wide range of fibre arts. I also like to take pictures, particularly of nature and I am often inspired by nature to create my designs in fibre arts and needlecrafts. Most recently I have also been exploring colours through studies in watercolour which inspire new thread combinations. I like to create items that can be used as well as admired. Patricia Barrett

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