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Robert enjoys painting urban scenes, especially buildings that show their age with peeling paint and rusting siding. Often people will pass buildings and not notice their interesting shapes, textures, and colours. By isolating parts of these buildings in paintings Robert’s intent is to have their beauty recognized. He enjoys painting in plein air in the summer and working in his studio during the winter. He is a representational artist but doesn’t consider himself to be a photorealist. He has worked with oils, acrylics, and watercolours, although watercolour is his favourite medium. Robert’s paintings have been juried into numerous local and national shows over the years, garnering four awards. Born in Montréal, Québec, Robert’s first career was in commercial art, studying in the evening for a degree in art education. He developed and taught a high school alternative art program, based on photography, film and printmaking for four years and after retirement taught watercolour painting to seniors for several years. After non-art related careers in academia and business training upon his retirement Robert renewed his passion for painting. Currently he lives in New Westminster, BC. His influences have been realists including Scottish watercolourist Arthur Melville; American Andrew Wyeth; Nova Scotian Christopher Pratt; Newfoundland artist Gerald Squires; and BC artist and teacher, Alan Wylie.

Ascroft, Robert

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I want people to notice what they don’t notice. I have always been fascinated with urban environs. City structures, like organic life, undergo creation, aging, decay, and destruction. There is a beauty in urban structures in different stages of their ‘life’. They have interesting shapes, textures, and colours that people don’t normally see as they go about their daily lives. By isolating a series of building sides in paintings my intent is to have the viewer recognize a non-traditional version of beauty and inspire them look for similar shapes and patterns in their surrounds. I work in a representational style as I like to capture detail and watercolour for me is the perfect medium. I am not a photorealist but create the illusion of reality by the compositional and colour choices I make. While realistic, the paintings on closer examination are still works created by the human hand and mind.

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