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While Robert enjoys painting urban scenes, especially buildings that show their age with peeling paint and rusting siding, he ventured out of the urban confines to plein air paint in the 'wilds' of the Coquitlam River and Galette Parks. Over a couple of years in several seasons he painted the river scenes, bear spray at the ready. Using the sketches and photos from these excursions he worked over the winters in his studio making larger versions for this show. Having worked in watercolour for years in a very realistic style he decided to break from this detailed approach and use oils and palette knives to try to capture the essence of the scene in a more vibrant way. Still a representational artist, he is working towards a looser style. Robert’s paintings have been juried into numerous local and national shows over the years, garnering some awards. Born in Montréal, Québec, Robert’s first career was in commercial art, studying in the evening for a degree in art education. He developed and taught a high school alternative art program, based on photography, film and printmaking for four years and after retirement taught watercolour painting to seniors for several years. After non-art related careers in academia and business upon his retirement Robert renewed his passion for painting. Currently he lives in New Westminster, BC. His influences have been realists including Scottish watercolourist Arthur Melville; American Andrew Wyeth; Nova Scotian Christopher Pratt; BC artist and teacher, Alan Wylie; and his painting friend, Sue A. Cowan. Last year, a workshop instructor, Dr. Yves M. Larocque, (Walk the Arts) helped him see a different way of approaching painting and now is working towards that vision.

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For two years, the Coquitlam River and Galette Parks became the sanctuary of Robert Ascroft and Sue A. Cowan, an oasis, and source of joy. The pandemic, extreme temperatures, forest fires and a world in turmoil sent us to the river where we found a refuge filled with light and shade, soft breezes, water gurgling or rushing and an array of constantly changing colour. We spent many happy hours there, never tiring of all that our senses could absorb. Numerous sketches, and plein air studies were painted, photos taken, lunches eaten, spectators, cyclists, dogs, birds and bears encountered. Returning to our home studios we produced the paintings you see. Robert has worked in oil in a representation style. Sue’s paintings in acrylic are more impressionistic. Our different styles reflect our distinct responses to time and place, but all the work reflects our wonderful river days. We hope this exhibition will transport you with us to this magical place.

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