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Jane Appleby is a prolific painter who expresses her love of life in her work and paints what she calls the visual music of the landscape, incorporating rhythms and movements of colour and expressive brushwork. She instructs art workshops at various centres and has a video series where she shares her process. She has written two inspirational books: Between Cottages and The Purposeful Brush which include the passionate outdoor painters art and her abstracts. Jane has received several awards for her paintings from the Federation of Canadian Artists and her artwork is collected internationally. Her work is available through her representative galleries listed on her website. Please Visit: www.janeappleby.com

Appleby, Jane

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  Burnaby, BC, BC, Canada

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As a Passionate Outdoor Painter, I have experienced a connectivity to the landscape that has found its way into my art. Not only does it include expressive aspects of using paint but the souls desire to know and understand life in its full meaning. I have found purpose in using colour and brushwork to make a statement about vibrancy and emotion that is not only found in nature but sought through the heart and implied in my work. I especially love to paint forests, mountains, oceans and the evening light…and if you look closely you too will find inspiration that can move you.

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