Hello and welcome to my page, I am a Visual Artist, Mixed/Multi Media

Naomi Ambrose is a Vancouver based illustrator and designer whose love of nature themed designs has inspired her love of designing butterfly themed daywear clothing for the everyday woman who seeks comfort and nature in her wardrobe. Alongside her Christmas and Winter themed Snow Women collection that raised her visibility, Naomi envisions having a collection that includes fun and unique butterfly themed daywear and accessories. Born in Saint Lucia, Naomi discovered her love of designing and illustrating as a child as she watched her mother sew and create various outfits. Naomi further explored her designing and illustrating interests by participating in various t-shirt designing competitions and writing several life and style articles during her stint as a staff writer at Douglas College’s The Other Press newspaper. Ambrose recently launched her Christmas Snow Women collection featuring fun and unique women’s sweaters, short sleeve and long sleeve t-shirts and adult coloring books. She creates her hand-drawn art with black pigment liners, colored pencils and pens.

Ambrose, Naomi

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  Ambrose, Naomi


  Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

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Artist Statement

My work is mostly nature based, upbeat and whimsical. I enjoy creating illustrations that add some vibrancy and colour to the world. I recently introduced the Snow Women characters where I reimagine traditional representations of Winter characters. I also seek to re-imagine the cold, icy perception of the Winter Season with fun, festive and vibrant Winter and Christmas imagery.

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