The Port Moody Arts Centre is dedicated to giving back to our community by providing opportunities for students and artists to learn and grow. We offer scholarships to pre-professional artists to learn and showcase their work, and also house a Ceramic Artist in Residence each year.

Ceramic Artist in Residence

The Port Moody Arts Centre’s Ceramic Artist in Residence (CAIR) program is an important part of our commitment to artistic and cultural development. The annual residency supports the work of an emerging ceramic artist, providing opportunities for artistic development within an innovative and supportive ceramics community. The resident receives a secure ceramic studio space for one year, gallery space for a solo exhibition, and mentorship. In return, they contribute to the PoMoArts community by instructing classes, assisting in the operation of our Open Clay Studio, and engaging with the public.

Applications for the 2023/2024 Ceramic Artist in Residence program are closed. Please check back in Spring 2024. 

Current Resident Artist: Max TS. Yang

Max Yang is a ceramic artist whose keen interest in the material led him to experiment with various methods of manipulating this versatile medium, with a focus on functional pottery and figurative sculptures. Max holds a BFA from Nova Scotia College of Art and Design and a BMO 1st Art Regional Award. During his time in the university, Max honed many ceramic techniques including wheel throwing, mold-making, and sculpting, as well as clay and glaze chemistry. In his work, Max spread his time in exploring new and innovative functional pottery forms and expressive figurative forms, seeking to find a deeper connection between the objects we use and the people using them.

Max welcomes everyone to come meet him during his studio time as well as during his class instruction here at PoMoArts. He currently is a part of the Art 4 Life exhibition in the gallery.

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PoMoArts currently offers the Kwi Am Choi Exhibition Scholarship to emerging artists.

Kwi Am Choi Scholarship

Established in 2007, the Kwi Am Choi Exhibition Scholarship is an annual award of $2,000 that recognizes an emerging BC artist between the ages of 18 and 32, and is designed to fund the costs of new artwork creations and mounting a solo exhibition at PoMoArts. This initiative provides recent graduates and students currently enrolled in Fine Arts programs at recognized post-secondary institutions in Canada with the opportunity to display their work in a public art gallery, receive curatorial mentorship, and network with other artists and art professionals. 

About Kwi Am Choi (1954-2006)

Kwi Am Choi was a Korean-born artist known for his experimental and abstract work. Born in Chungmu, South Korea, Choi originally started off in civil engineering before moving into Design when his family immigrated to Ontario, Canada in the late 70’s. He graduated from Ontario College of Art and Design (OCAD) where he experimented across all mediums, from woodblock printing to photography, illustration, ceramics, sculpturing and mixed media painting.

Much of his work can be attributed to his personal love and appreciation of the outdoors. From bold strokes of vibrant and contrasting colours to his incorporation of driftwood collected on family trips to Tofino, many of his pieces were a reflection of his interactions with nature. Whether it was watching translucent spring leaves sway in the breeze against a soft sun, or the crashing waves of the Pacific Northwest against the shores, his experiences to it through each of his senses - sight, touch, smell, taste, sound, and spirit were translated into his work. A man of few words, Choi – a natural introvert, used his art as a platform for communication.

He was a loving and supportive father and husband, an active member of the Port Moody Arts community and the Korean Artists Society Canada, and a mentor to young emerging artists.

Kwi Am Choi ScholarshipCaption: Kwi Am Choi, "Untitled 001C," "Untitled 001A," and "Untitled 001B" (left to right). Mixed media. Installation view from "Finding Harmony: A reflection on a lifetime of observation through Kwi Am Choi." Port Moody Arts Centre (April 29-June 2, 2016).

Scholarship Applicant Criteria

  • Between 18 and 32 years of age.
  • Enrolled in Fine Art programs in a recognized Canadian post-secondary institution or within 2 years (24 months) of graduation with a Fine Art degree from a recognized Canadian post secondary institution.
  • Considered an emerging artist. We define emerging artists as those in the first few years of their professional development and not currently making their entire living from their artwork.
  • A current resident of British Columbia.
  • Only artists proposing a solo exhibition are eligible for this award.

Note: Current PoMoArts staff, instructors, sitting board members or their immediate family are not eligible to apply.

 Applications for the 2024 Kwi Am Choi Exhibition Scholarship are due November 12th.  

 For more information or to apply please see the submission form

Past Recipients

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