Tracy Laliberte grew up in Saskatchewan, a land of vibrant skies, giant mosquitos and long winters. Because the winters were typically 5-6 months long it is not uncommon to have many indoor hobbies. Tracy learned many useful skills from her mother, grandmother, father and grandfather. Their predominant creations being that of anything made with fibre; be it knit, crochet, woven, or embroidered, as well as woodcraft and a love for penmanship and drawing.

Tracy’s favourite activities are knitting, drawing, and watercolour. Even during her most busy days with her children she is dreaming of new things to create or finding interesting ways to revive something.

Tracy obtained a diploma in Fine Arts Techniques at Emily Carr University where she learned many new concepts and media applications. While this helped to fine tune her skills and interests it also opened the door to a whole world of fresh ideas and creations.