My background and training is as a commercial interior designer and project manager. I graduated with distinction in Interior Design at BCIT where I refined my passion for colour and drawing. I am a Canadian interior designer, artist and owner of Little 2 the Right Design, a Port Moody based interior design and furniture studio.

From an early age I was drawn to Art but unfortunately, I was not supported in my passion, so I focused her visual talent through a career in retail design, merchandising and display.

I have been responsible for the design and build of large retail structures where tens of thousands of people moved through them on a daily bases. I was responsible to ensure a layout that would allow customers, equipment, and staff to move through the space safely and efficiently while providing an enjoyable experience. 

In 2012, I suffered a workplace injury. Following my slow recovery, I began  highly successful small business focusing on refinishing mid-century furniture. During this time, I also began to take classes in acrylic paint at the Port Moody Art Centre, where I quickly picked up the skills I thought I had lost.

I have also become involved in road safety in Moody Centre and run a group called “Moody Centre Residents for Road Safety”. This interest evolved after I become dishearten by number of accidents, speeding and the lack of safe pedestrian/cyclists access after my family purchased a home on Gatensbury Road in Port Moody 11 years ago.

I am now a passionate advocate for safe liveable communities. I have educated myself on all areas of traffic calming, pedestrian and bicycle safety. 

I have served previously on the Transportation Committee and have been reappointed to it for 2019 and 2020.

I continue to run my successful home business and paint when time allows. My paintings have been in two shows “Floribunda” at the Silk Art Gallery,

“Learn · Create · Live”  at the Port Moody Art Centre as well as the “The Shuffle”. 

I have over two decades of management experience were I lead large groups of people in designing commercial public spaces. I have in-depth training in the movement of the human body through public spaces as well as human resources.

My daughters have taken music, voice and art classes, had birthday parties and attend camps at the Port Moody Art Centre. 

I look forward to serving on the board of directors at the Art Centre in any capacity that I can support this valuable community asset.