As a long time Port Moody resident, Cathy Cena is an active community member and advocate and has established a great reputation among her peers and colleagues. Cathy has been volunteering since she was 12 years old.  She serves on numerous boards including: The President of the Port Moody Arts Center, Tri-City TV, and Eagle Ridge Hospital Foundation Gala Committee to mention a few. She is currently a talk show host for Tri-City TV's "Catching up with Cathy" show. As busy as she is, Cathy loves it when a great connection is made between companies or organizations and people. Some call her the "people connector." When Cathy isn’t around town networking and making connections, she is enjoying time with her children and husband Dave. Cathy was proud to be nominated for the Tri-Cities Chamber of Commerce's Business Excellence Awards, under the "Community Spirit" category. Cathy recently won the Volunteer of the year award with Tri Cities Community TV.  Cathy currently works as the Director of Business Development for FDT Academy, a speech and debate academy with over 300 students, a company founded by her son.