Edgar Development Becomes a Sponsor of the PoMoArts Gallery

Port Moody – May 11, 2021 – PoMoArts announces a new partnership with local developer, EDGAR, to support the PoMoArts Gallery for the 2021 year, beginning with the exhibit entitled “Harnessing the Power of Colour for Wellbeing” by Sanjoy Das opening on May 20th 2021.

Winner of this year’s A-List Awards for Favourite Art Gallery and Favorite Art Studio in Port Moody, the highly acclaimed and only free public gallery in the city annually showcases up to 250 artists a year from the Tri-Cities and beyond.   In the aftermath of COVID-19, the gallery has further expanded it’s reach by hosting a digital gallery that runs in conjunction to the in-person exhibition.  Beyond exhibition opportunities, particularly for emerging artists, the Gallery also nurtures talent through our year-long Ceramic Artist in Residence program and the Kwi Am Choi Scholarship program that financially supports two visual artists/year to develop a solo exhibition. 

Totaling $15,000 for the year, the sponsorship with EDGAR will allow PoMoArts to continue to offer free public exhibitions during this difficult pandemic period, grow their digital footprint and build a foundation upon which EDGAR’s own Woodland Park Public Art Plan can further enhance and support the arts in Port Moody.

 “EDGAR, through the proposed Woodland Park Master Public Art Plan, is making the single largest commitment to the arts in our city, of any company in recent memory.  And they’re starting now, by supporting our local artists and existing art institutions today!  We’re thrilled to partner with them to help further our mutual goal of uplifting local artists, and look forward to a long and fruitful relationship together,” said Cathy Cena, President of PoMoArts. 

The proposed Woodland Park redevelopment project would include new non-market rental, market rental and strata housing at Cecile and Angela Drive in the Seaview neighbourhood. The complete community will bring sought-after amenities to the neighbourhood, including a grocery store, childcare centre, coffee shop, parks and trails. The project is currently undergoing review by the City of Port Moody. If approved, the new Woodland Park would be built gradually over a 15-20 year period.

“Our vision to reinvigorate Woodland Park is to build homes for everyone within the natural beauty of Port Moody,” said Peter Edgar, President of EDGAR. “Our proposal includes an investment of approximately $2.8 million of public art at the site, and we’re very pleased to begin a partnership with PoMoArts  to support local initiatives. We fundamentally believe in the integral role art plays in our communities and infrastructure; The Duke, an award winning building by EDGAR, also incorporates a variety of artworks, including a very large scale mural that fits in with the rest of the Mount Pleasant community.