January 12 –February 15, 2023
Clay for You Korean Pottery Group

Across the Jade Ocean   만남옥빛 바다를 건너 

Clay for You Korean Pottery Group

Across the Jade Ocean features Korean celadon and buncheong ceramics by Master Clay Jung-Hong Kim and Sylvia Kim and their students. They started the collective, Clay for You, to build a community and explore what it means to innovate within a tradition while in a diaspora. Celadon is liquid jade. The title of the show connects both the colour of the pottery and the blue-green ocean that each of the artists, or each of their parents crossed in order to come together in this collective. Across the Jade Ocean is especially important to the group, as it also celebrates how they kept creating through adversity during a global pandemic.

Gallery: Ann Kitching Gallery and Suncor Gallery

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You’re Invited! Opening Reception 

Thursday January 12, 2023  6:00 – 8:00 pm 

Canadian Pacific Gallery, 3D Gallery, Suncor Gallery 

Artists in attendance | free admission | refreshments served

Port Moody Arts Centre 2425 St. Johns Street 

Participating Artists: 

Clay Jung Hong Kim, Sylvia Kim, Gloria Jue-Youn Han, Steve Choi, Ren Shieh, Kihoon Yoo, Lucy Hwang, Jin-Hwee Park, Sera Oh, Kyunghee Han, Hwijun Lim, Lynn Choi, Beak Jeong Im, Yunsun Chun, Soon Young Chung, Hwa Young Kim, Kyuah Lee

Across the Jade Ocean Artists