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Zimmerling, Angela

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  Zimmerling, Angela

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  Abbotsford, BC, Canada

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Artist Statement

I am submitting three pieces of work; 'Summer Time', 'Flying Hippo,' and 'Reflection.' 'Reflection' examine how human activity has impacted the natural world. 'Flying Hippo,' challenges our human understanding of what is possible in our wondrous world. 'Summer Time,' is pieced together out of childhood remembrances of the so-called Jerico Beach. I have distorted the perspective to illustrate the strange beliefs the human species has with regards to their importance in the world. All three works reflect on humanities role in the natural and our understanding thereof. All three works are created with bright colours and done with the playfulness with which I try to infuse into all of my work. I believe that since Art 4 Life calls for artists to produce work; that might appeal to the young and to those of youthful spirit, and to for the work to inspire not only the desire to create, but also discussion.

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