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Hazel Yuhang Zhang is an interdisciplinary artist based in Vancouver. Her art practice encompasses a diverse range of mediums and approaches, all rooted in her deep exploration of the intersection between the environment, community, and personal identity. One significant aspect of Hazel's earlier artistic endeavors was her focus on the relationship between architecture, landscape, and folding. She delved into the intricate ways in which architectural structures shape our experiences and perceptions of the world. By incorporating elements of folding, she explored how these structures can both physically and metaphorically transform, revealing new dimensions and perspectives. Within her artistic practice, Hazel finds immense fascination in the inherent connection between landscapes and identity. She investigates how landscapes not only reflect our identities but also actively participate in shaping them. Through her work, she seeks to unravel the complex interplay between individuals and their environments, and how these interactions shape notions of self and belonging. Hazel recently completed her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in the visual arts program at the University of British Columbia, further refining her artistic skills and conceptual framework. Her dedication and talent have earned her the opportunity to showcase her work in esteemed venues such as the Hatch Art Gallery and Gallery Gachet in Vancouver, BC, Canada. These exhibitions have provided her with a platform to share her artistic vision and engage in meaningful conversations with diverse audiences, fostering a deeper understanding of the themes she passionately explores in her practice.

Zhang, Hazel Yuhang

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  Zhang, Hazel Yuhang

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  Vancouver, BC, Canada

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In my cyanotype triptych, I embark on a journey of exploration into the profound theme of life cycles and rituals. This artistic endeavor seeks to forge connections between the rhythmic patterns of nature's phenomena and the daily rituals we craft for ourselves. Within the triptych's three panels, I intricately depict the distinct stages in the life of a vibrant bouquet of carnations, deftly capturing their growth, effervescence, and ultimate decline. The evanescent shadows cast by these carnations serve as poignant symbols of life's transience, metaphorically mirroring the broader human experience. As my art unfolds, it underscores the significance of our daily rituals and their profound link to the natural world, inviting viewers to delve into moments of reflection. Through this creative endeavor, I encourage audiences to contemplate the inherent beauty and meaning concealed within the elegant simplicity of our existence.

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