Hello and welcome to my page, I am a Visual Artist, Mixed/Multi Media, Digital Artist, Photo/Film Artist

Pam Zenkawich is a Canadian born Port Moody based artist with a focus on oil painting and original monotype printing. She has been an observer and artist from childhood. Pam attended the Alberta College of Art and Design (Alberta University of Art and Design), graduating with a Visual Communications Degree in 1994. She has since studied abroad at Falmouth School of Art & Design (England), Kent State University, and the Emily Carr Institute of Art & Design. Pam spent the first part of her career focused on Graphic Design and eventually formed her own design, branding and web agency Kinky Logic Inc. Over the years, Pam has won many National and International design awards. After over twenty-five years as a Principal, Art Director and Designer, Pam decided it was time to step back from the industry and pursue her creative passion through painting. Pam’s regular routine includes nature walks, where a lot of her inspiration comes from. She starts many of her oil paintings from images that she has taken and once underway, the intutive painting process takes over. She often talks about how there is a point in each painting where it starts to inform you of what it needs and where it wants to go; transforming the end-result into a piece that evokes emotion and feeling. Pam also works with botanicals found locally and creates monotypes through a printing method that doesn’t rely on a traditional press. Each monotype is a painting in of itself, an original never to be recreated. Pam works with metallic and acrylic paint and carefully selected leaves, bringing a fragility to her work. Each piece brings with it a story of the forest and all that it embodies. Pam finds working in both monotype printmaking as well as traditional oil painting on canvas to be rewarding. Both disciplines and mediums inform each other. She often gets ideas for oil paintings while printing. If Pam was asked what her superpower is, she may tell you it’s her attention to detail, abundance of patience and careful observation to all that surrounds her. Pam constantly challenges herself and pushes herself outside of her comfort zone, which she believes is where her best work comes from.

Zenkawich, Pam

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My artistic interests lie in capturing moments of time. I see paintings all around me in nature and long to record these glimpses of fleeting beauty. My focus is on botanicals and landscapes which invite you in on an emotional level. I love textures and layers and building on what lies underneath. In today’s hectic environment, I seek out a slower pace through painting and aim to bring a sense of breathing space and joy to the viewer. I am intrigued by the medium of paint in its timeless yet experimental approach.

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