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For Seema Zaidi, working with Fabric and Paints, has been her childhood passion. Born in India and raised by talented parents who helped her dreams come true. Her BSC in Home science was received by AMU University in India. Subsequent to that, she attended Post graduate program in fashion and textiles and worked as a faculty. Seema has painted on various surfaces such as canvas, glass, textiles and so on. In 1998, her solo exhibition of glass paintings received excellent reviews and was profiled in the local newspapers. In 2004, she owned a textile company called Seema& Shafaq which specialized in garments with chikan embroidery from India.

Today, she presently resides in Port Coquitlam, Vancouver B.C., where she renewed her love for art. Seema has started to hand paint on silk clothing and accessories as Seema’s Jardin de Fleurs. Flora  and, fauna and the colours of her surrounding come to life on luxurious and shimmering silk painted with liquid dyes .Her work involves strict attention to detailing, which is for the pleasure of the wearer .Every day, Seema finds an opportunity to learn and try different techniques such as ebru ,an ancient Turkish art which involves water marbling , the art of felting and mastering it by spending hours of work ; her art has been well accepted and appreciated in and around Canada , U.K. and USA. 

She is an active member of The Blackberry artist society, New Westminster arts council, Arts connect.tv, West Vancouver arts council & North Vancouver arts council. 

Zaidi, Seema

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  Port Coquitlam, British Columbia, Canada

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My work involves hand-painting and Felting on 100% Silk. Playing with colors is my form of meditation. It keeps me centered and focused on my duties as a wife, mother and a good human being. I am drawn to the tactile experience of surface designing of exotic fabric such as silk. The manipulation of dyes, fibers on a textile is endless and this gives me a reason to explore and learn new techniques every day. Each of my piece is an exploration of the medium using pictures from my camera that I collect all along the way. To me anything that brings positivity in my life is an inspiration and nature being my biggest inspiration. Physicality of working with textile, dyes and fibers is an essential component in helping me to shape my ideas. I design each piece with great intricacy and detailing which is for the pleasure and satisfaction of the wearer.

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