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Min was born and raised in Shanghai, China. He left hometown in 2010 to pursue Master of Education in the USA. He has worked as certified Montessori Teacher since 2012 in San Francisco Bay Area. He enjoys working with preschoolers and kindergarteners. He also enjoys painting in the free time. Min immigrated to Canada in 2018 when he started to focus on art development. In 2021, he was awarded Active Membership from the Federation of Canadian Artists. Fascinated by the stunning landscapes in BC, he gradually loves to paint these scenes in various medium. He finds himself in a great meditative stage through painting.

Xu, Min

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  Xu, Min

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  Vancouver, BC, Canada

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Beauty is around us in daily life. When the weather permits, I enjoy taking a walk in the neighbourhood or hiking in the nature. Spending time outdoor always offers inspiration and desire to record that moment on the canvas or panel. I love to paint with various medium such pastel, acrylic and oil. I like to work in a painterly style while still maintaining preciseness. Ideally the visual result of the painting will invite viewers as if we are in the scene together at that moment. My goal of painting is to create a feel of peace and appreciation to our mother nature.

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