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Olya Wright, a B.C. artist, works in an evolving evocative style. She paints landscapes where she finds subjects and inspiration, locally and while travelling. Working in oil, acrylic, watercolor, and graphics, Olya cultivates her technique while finding and crossing new boundaries. Olya pursued an extensive art education and made art a vital part of her life from an early age. Having lived in diverse places such as large urban cities and quaint countryside’s, she brings an understanding of place to her works. Her study of technique allows her to work with different media and to portray a variety of subject matter. Olya’s recent works, many of them inspired by the scenery of British Columbia, maintain her longstanding commitment to composition. Olya has been a member of the FCA since 2017, and in 2018 received her signature status. As well as creating works on canvas and paper, Olya works as a Graphic Designer.

Wright, Olya

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  Wright, Olya


  Port Moody, B.C., Canada

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Artist Statement

As an experienced visual artist, I spend a lot of time observing different art styles. I work in different techniques, exploring subjects that are interesting to me and experimenting with mediums that suit me. I realized that my passion is portraying different perspectives of ordinary subjects, because the artist’s interpretation is the heart of the creative process. In pursuit of this, much of my recent work portrays wildlife and historical architecture. With a balance of shapes, colours, and tonal values, I strive to depict the suggestion of details from the gestalt. Simple designs are often challenging to create. Simplicity, clarity, and stylization are characteristics that I am passionate about conveying into art.

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