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After graduating with a BFA in 2009, Ash moved back to her home state, California. From there, she immigrated to British Columbia and refocused on her art practice. Once a painter, Ash decide to return to drawing to improve her overall skill. Through the process of drawing, Ash fell in love with the pencil and paper, the simplicity of tools and the meditative movement of mark making. Drawing with Graphite pencil brings memories of her childhood and the joy found with the quiet pursuit of pencil on paper. Since returning to pencil, she has focused on the surreal and ethereal moments of everyday life and the natural world. The beauty of British Columbia continues to inspire and influence her art practice.

Woodworth, Ash

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  Woodworth, Ash

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  Vancouver , BC, Canada

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Inspired by liminal states and the surreal elements of the everyday experience, her drawings are moments of suspension, enhanced through a dream like lens. Her latest work is her most ethereal yet, in which she slips between realms of fantasy and reality as a means to cope with life and death, past and future, and the constance of change. These visual reveries of women, waterfalls and misty environments, encompass the ghost like memory of waking from a dream and the inability to truly grasp it.

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