Hello and welcome to my page, I am a Visual Artist, Fibre Artist, Mixed/Multi Media

Born of Métis and Celtic roots, Sherry Leigh Williams says this history and a love of nature, colour, and the delight in the muse influence her work. She is a multi-faceted artist and works in many mediums, including painting, photography, sculpture, jewelry making, and a performing vocalist with her band Southbound and Friends. Following the traditional beadwork style of the Métis, Sherry creates stunning images in the Métis floral tradition on drums, fiddles and canvas. She approached the traditional beadwork style in a contemporary way with paint instead of beads. This is some of her most important work in the spirit of reconciliation. As an artist, she has exhibited her work in art galleries around Canada. 

As an award-winning, self-taught artist, Williams graduated in 2004 with a VCA Diploma in Fine Art from Victoria College of Art with Honours. She most recently graduated with Distinction from the University of Victoria with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in 2019. Williams is also a writer and a vocalist with two bands in Victoria where they perform a variety of genres as well as playing with Syrian Violinist Sari Alesh.

Williams, Sherry Leigh

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  Williams, Sherry Leigh


  Salt Spring Island, BC, Canada

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"I am a Métis artist, writer, and vocalist based in Salt Spring Island, BC. Creativity is my passion. I express myself through, paint, photography, sculpture, and song. The subject often directs the medium. I am most interested in expressing that which has no language: The raw, unedited emotion that lies in each of us."

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