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I have been fortunate to have been a resident of this beautiful community of Port Moody for fifty two years. Many changes have I witnessed. During the time I was raising my children I worked for the city in the original Kyle community center, which no longer exists. I worked as an instructor for the Pre school centers in those early years of 1972 and we had the basement of the old Kyle building for this use. The arts center was still city hall where we paid our taxes. The vault that we still have in Janice Cotter’s office was where the clerks stored all the documents. I served on the library board for eight years, expanding its use to the community, and exploring sites for the newly developing Port Moody center at the head of the inlet, now New Port village. Exciting times for Port Moody. I served on other committees to help residents of our community tackle problems. I currently serve as treasurer for PMAA and currently on the Arts and a Culture committee with Zoe Royer at the helm. I became involved in the arts community through the Arts center board and Port Moody Art Association. I served on the Art Center Board during its early years and during the exciting years of starting up our local arts festivals. I have been a member of PMAA for 35 years, serving as president, treasurer and secretary. It has been a very satisfying time. I have progressed through many stages of creativity, from watercolour to acrylic, from heritage sites to our beautiful trails around the inlet. I hope to continue to paint our beautiful community for many years.

White, Alison

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  White, Alison

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  Port Moody , B.C., Canada

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As an artist, I am very fortunate to live in a beautiful part of the country, and to be part of a community that fosters the arts. Painting local scenes on site as a plein air artist is one of the most satisfying and challenging activities. Light changes, colours become more intense, focus moves, all challenging to artist. The resulting painting can be totally rewarding.

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