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Donna was exposed to art as a child by her grandfather who enjoyed painting. She has always loved to create things and as a child she loved to draw. She became interested in learning to paint 23 years ago when she moved from Ontario to Vancouver. Initially she began painting in watercolour which was her medium of choice for many years. She also enjoys painting in pastel. Most recently she has been focusing her attention on trying to master the intricacies of painting with oil. With a keen interest to develop her skills and with the belief that creating art is a life long journey of learning, she continues to participate in courses and workshops to advance her growth as an artist. She enjoys painting still life and the everyday life of people in their surroundings. Donna is an active member of the Federation of Canadian Artists and a former member of the Garibaldi Art Club where she served on the executive for several years.

Wakefield, Donna

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  Wakefield, Donna

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  Maple Ridge, British Columbia, Canada

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The play of light and shadow on the subject is what excites me the most and is almost always the key consideration when developing an idea into a painting. I always look for interesting patterns of shape and value within the subject. Often I begin with an underpainting particularly if I am rendering people, but I also enjoy the spontaneity of starting a painting by simply putting down abstract shapes in the correct value and colour. Painting fulfills my personal desire to always be learning and challenging myself. It provides an endless opportunity to create and learn.

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