Hello and welcome to my page, I am a Visual Artist, Photo/Film Artist

I grew up bouncing around Western Canada for the first 20 years of my life and ended up in Vancouver, BC at the end of 1999 where I am currently located and working as an artist & photographer. Everyday I think about photography and I almost always have a camera with me, just in case. Through my work I love to capture images that create a sense of familiarity and become increasingly more interesting the longer you look at them. I love people watching and having a camera allows me to compose my memories and share interesting stories and scenes. I’m fascinated with the ability to create candidness and honesty in still images, catching that singular moment that speaks for so much longer than it existed. Some of my career highlights include; photographing for the Dali Lama, photographing members of Canada’s 1972 summit series, Chelsea Handler asking me to come on stage with her to make photos in front of a sold-out crowd, working with Juergen Teller on a remote shoot, having my first photo book published as well as having my images exhibited and published both nationally and internationally. contact for commissions, assignments, portraits, travel, collaborations, prints or free advice.

Wagner, Ryan Walter

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In March 2020, we all faced something we’d never dreamed of or imagined before: within weeks - maybe even days - our normal daily lives changed with a global pandemic. One day we were going to work, school, and enjoying the spring cherry blossoms, and the next we were forced inside and apart from almost everyone we knew. The next few months were spent adjusting our routines, trying to stay connected to those we cared about, and watching things change right in front of our eyes. We were more connected through common experience than ever, but often alone or isolated in our glass bubbles. Ryan Walter Wagner an artist and photographer from Vancouver, BC, created portraits to capture that very unique and challenging moment in time; he visited people in their homes and took socially distant portraits of them and their families, often through glass or “the window”. Some of these photos have now been collected in a new self-published book, titled “Through the Window” and will be exhibited at POMO Arts in summer 2021.

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