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Lee Chin is a stay-at-home mother to two beautiful little humans. She has never received any formal training in traditional art. However, she has always been fascinated by paint textures, brush strokes and lines, and how these elements are put together on canvases to tell stories. Struggling to live a balanced fulfilling life between her family and her childhood’s dream to be an artist, she draws and paints whenever she has the chance. Her inspiration comes from her children and her life experience as a woman, a mother, a child within and an earthling. To her, painting is an expression of feelings and a great tool to tell stories.

Tee, Lee Chin

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  Tee, Lee Chin

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  Coquitlam, BRITISH COLUMBIA, Canada

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Years ago I was told that professional painters use oils, not acrylics. I thought to myself, I am not a professional painter; I am just someone who likes to paint. I am just a painter who uses acrylics as her main medium, and enjoy creating mixed media with recyclable paper materials for many good reasons. Not a realist artist, I paint illustrations for children, mostly inspired by my children, people around me, and the stories we shared.

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