Hello and welcome to my page, I am a Visual Artist, Mixed/Multi Media, Photo/Film Artist

Kali Talmon-Longden is a multi-disciplinary artist who loves trying new mediums and art forms. Her go to’s are fine art, photography, filmmaking and dance. In the last year Kali launched her own art shop and started creating art on a more consistent basis. She has also started creating YouTube videos to share her art and creativity.

Talmon-Longden, Kali

Contact Details

  Talmon-Longden, Kali


  Whistler, BC, Canada

Samples of my work

Artist Statement

My artwork is all inspired by the natural world. I find much peace and solitude in the BC forests and by the flowing rivers so it’s no surprise it has infiltrated my work. My art is also inspired by an acceptance of the natural body. Retraining my brain to see beauty in parts of the human body I was brainwashed to dislike. Painting is a beautiful way to create this shift.

My Current Exhibitions: