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I grew up in British Columbia, in a small community (at that time) of Tsawwassen. My days were filled with outdoor adventures exploring the woods, farm lands, rivers and beaches. It was during my time outdoors where I developed my great love and appreciation for nature. To this day the smell and feel of early morning dewy spring air fills me with a wonderful sense of excitement for the day ahead. Sitting in a field or in the forest I'd take a handful of earth and watch mesmerized as it sifted thru my fingers back to earth - this ritual was very grounding & powerful - it gave me the awareness of belonging to something so much greater then me! I started painting when I was 10 years old and have always found painting to be a wonderful escape from my 'other' life. A place where I lose all sense of anything else that may be going on - it's just me and my easel present in that moment! I spent 15 years as a graphic artist where I developed my strong sense of composition, color and balance of negative / positive space. Even though I learned lots I found the graphic world to be a bit 'boring' - it lacked the excitement of surprise! I'm passionate about painting in a 'diagonal' fashion in a 'parallel' world using loose brush work and color that is a blend of impressionism and abstract. I want the viewer to feel a connection to my paintings - to experience an emotional reaction that is personal and unique to them. I've continued thru my artist career to study and take workshops in order to further develop my skills - this has included five years of study under internationally acclaimed artist Ron Hedrick and workshops with Suzanne Northcott, Kevin Beilfuss, Ingrid Christiansen, Robert E Woods and Mike Svob. I am an active member with the Federation of Canadian Artists, Federation of Canadian Artist Fraser Valley Chapter and Stave Falls Artist Group. I specialize in commissioned paintings of special occasion flowers to last a lifetime and impressionistic visions to fit your personal & professional environment.

Stafford, Kerrie

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  Stafford, Kerrie

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Keep it Loose! I'm passionate about painting in a 'diagonal' fashion in a 'parallel' world!

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