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Diane L. Speirs was born in Ottawa, Ontario, but as an ‘Air Force brat’ moved frequently during her childhood. In 1981, her travelling took her to Maple Ridge, BC, where she put down roots, marrying and raising her family. In 1990, while her youngest child was just an infant, she went back to school to become a Registered Nurse and went on to undertake a degree in Public Health Nursing from which she graduated in 2000. Unfortunately, she was diagnosed with cancer in 2003 and because of health issues was unable to continue working in her career. As part of her journey in healing, she decided to undertake a new challenge and that was to learn how to paint. She started taking classes in the fall of 2005, became an active member of the Garibaldi Art Club in 2009 and is currently its President. She became an active member of the Federation of Canadian Artists in 2018. She is also a Director on the Maple Ridge/Pitt Meadows Arts Council. Diane started off as an acrylic painter, drawn to the flexible nature of acrylics, the bright, bold colours and the variety of applications. Her style includes representational, abstract and mixed media where she likes to incorporate her love of texture, colour and different mediums into her art. Currently, she has been experimenting with alcohol inks by exploring different ways of manipulating the inks as well as by using different surfaces. She enjoys the unpredictable nature of the alcohol inks and the unique outcomes. Diane attributes her love of experimenting with different media and styles with her coming into art later in life. She grew up with a strong sense of colour and a desire to try and capture what she saw or felt. It wasn’t until she started painting that she felt she had found a way of doing this. She enjoys being able to reach out and connect with people through her art.

Speirs, Diane L.

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I began painting in my 50’s and I think because I started fairly late in my life, I have been more open to experimenting with different medium and styles. When I started painting I wanted to try everything, pastel, watercolour, coloured pencils, etc. Eventually I settled on painting with acrylics and also alcohol inks. I enjoy painting landscapes in a representational style, capturing the natural elements; but also like the thrill of doing mixed media with the challenge of pulling different elements together to convey feeling. On the other hand, when I paint with alcohol inks my paintings are more abstract or fanciful. Painting with alcohol inks is an intuitive process for me and also allows for a more personal interpretation from the viewer. Regardless of the style, the consistency in my work is that of the strong use of colour and the simply joy of being able to capture what I see or feel.

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