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Claire Sower is a contemporary artist based in Vancouver. She began painting professionally in 2009 following a successful career as a medical journalist. Claire’s work is bold, colourful, and whimsical. She is known for her expressionist, impasto florals and vivid landscapes. She has exhibited in Vancouver, Toronto and New York. In 2019 her work was featured in the "Walk of Art" at SWISSARTEXPO, Basel, Switzerland. In March 2020 she was featured as an Artist to Collect in Arabella Magazine. Claire has work with the VGH+UBC Foundation and in private collections in Canada, the United States and Great Britain. Her studio is in the iconic 1000 Parker Street Studios in East Vancouver and she is a regular participant in the East Side Culture Crawl.

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Inspired by the light and landscapes of Monet and Cathelin among many other artists, the main intent of my work is to look beyond literal interpretations. Using color to evoke emotion, I work with bold, thickly applied paint using brushes and non-traditional tools, to create new stories that sit somewhere between expressionism, impressionism and post-impressionism. This series, called “Garden Escapes”, is my interpretation of garden spaces that provide us with solace, particularly during the Covid 19 pandemic. While many of the paintings are not actual places, they are based on gardens that really exist. During the pandemic, part of my coping strategy has been to re-interpret these gardens as I feel inspired to paint them, and in so doing, I find calm and joy

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