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Shantala Singh is an illustrator and artist based in BC, Canada. Shantala uses cut paper, acrylic, ink and pencils to create her bright, textured and layered pictures. Besides painting and drawing, she loves to travel and is always inspired by the artwork she sees in exotic places, whether it is in a museum or on the street. Especially of interest are the textile designs and ceramic and pottery patterns, which often make their way into Shantala’s art. Her work has been published in numerous magazines and she has illustrated one children’s book. She lives in New Westminster with her husband and two children.

Singh Robinson, Shantala

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  Singh Robinson, Shantala

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  New Westminster, BC, Canada

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I see art through the lens of my childhood, when Renaissance paintings, British modernism and childrens books combined in my head to make a bright, beautiful and wondrous world. That world never left me and now my art is an expression of this world, both in my fine art and illustration practice. I make my pieces with collaged, painted paper, pencil, acrylic and ink. My work mines the idea of the story- the story that we tell ourselves as children when we fall asleep, combining traditional fairy tales, adult fibs, and our own towering imaginations. I sift through the traditional stories of cultures worldwide, contemporary mythologies, stories concocted by the winners of history, and those invented and manipulated by the media. All of these stories are layered, surrounded by mystery, half revealing truths and creating beautiful lies. That is how I feel my work should be viewed: enjoyable, imaginative, and always provoking the question: is this true, and does it matter? I “build” my paintings, a process that requires me to be present and to not rely heavily on sketches. As I work, the story evolves and grows. I start with colour, painting with acrylic. I cut the paper out, and move the pieces across the ground. I sense where the pieces want to go, and layer over and over again, until I have created depth and cohesive composition.

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