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Born in North Vancouver, B.C., Erin’s artwork has been greatly impacted by her love of nature, and time spent making up fairytales in the forest. Her work today always has an element of nature, whether it’s a modern landscape painting, or a figure painting that celebrates the human form and its relationship to plants and food from the earth. After attending Simon Fraser University for 3 years, studying Visual Arts, Erin felt disconnected from the why behind her creativity. While her education provided her with new concepts and ideas, along with a thorough modern art history education, she fell out of love with the creative process. At that point in time, she took a 5 year hiatus from artwork to pursue a career in fitness as a personal trainer and yoga teacher. This time reconnected her to her body, and took her personal reflections to a deeper level through her spiritual journey. In 2018, she realized that something was missing from her life, and picked up her artistic practice once more. She has since shown her work at the RAW artist showcase in Vancouver, Hunter and Hare boutique, and Melanie Auld jewelry. While she has taken many classes over her lifetime, Erin’s artistic style is greatly based in experimentation and self-direction. At one point during one of those classes, her art instructor told her that she broke every rule that he had told her to do but that it always seemed to work out. Her landscapes are abstract and leave the viewer with more of a feeling of being in nature, rather than a clear depiction of where they are, and her figurative works blend body and nature until the viewer is no longer sure where one begins and the other ends. This process of painting gives Erin the opportunity to deepen her personal reflections, and offer them up to her audience.

Shakespeare, Erin

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The intention of my artwork is to create pieces that cultivate the same state of presence, calm and feeling uplifted, as when I'm in nature. Through warm, earthy colours, layers of varied textures, and marks that seem to move on the canvas, my paintings express the way nature can be both constantly in motion and completely serene. The subjects of my work include birds, florals and other plants, fruit, and the human figure, as a reminder that they all come from the same place. With a background in design, my artwork is composed in an intentional way to create a sense of flow as your eye travels across the image. My hope is that the viewer feels an elevated sense of appreciation for the planet, and all the creations that stem from it, including themselves.

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