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Seema Shah is a Vancouver-based self-taught artist. Her creative journey began rather organically after the onset of illness several years ago. Though her initial focus was writing, she has concentrated on visual art since 2014. However, writing often finds its way into her art, with many pieces incorporating both image and text. The use of collage is one of the most consistent elements of her artwork. Over the years Seema has searched for opportunities to share her writing and visual art in ways that feel personally meaningful to her. Her background in medicine and public health has also led to an ongoing interest in the many intersections between arts and health. Developing art-related workshops for people living with chronic illness has been a rewarding way to combine various aspects of her experience and interests.

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Much of my art contains at least an element of collage. I am innately drawn to the piecing together of disparate elements to form a new meaning and aesthetic. Starting from a place of intuition, meaning tends to reveal itself obliquely, often through the use of metaphor, characters and/or humour. My artwork in Art 4 Life 2020 is from an ongoing body of work dating back to 2014, when I first began my foray into visual art. I never set out with the intention of making “collage creatures.” – this subset of my work just came into being naturally. It stems from a playful, childlike part of myself that finds its expression through characters of all sorts - known animals and made-up creatures. Sometimes these characters serve as a way to address life's challenges. Sometimes they embody positive feelings and qualities, such as hope, resilience, and kindness. And sometimes they're just purely fun and/or silly. This component of my art practice provides a much-needed balance to the other creative work I do, which tends to be darker and more serious in tone.

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