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Alex Sandvoss is a 26-year-old self-taught artist from Surrey, B.C. All her life, she has had an affinity for music and art, as she was constantly surrounded by it in her family of artists and musicians. After high school, she moved to Montréal, where she studied jazz saxophone at McGill University. While she was studying music, she began painting during her free time. Upon graduating from McGill, Sandvoss moved back to B.C., where she spent several months working in Downtown Vancouver before painting full-time. It was during this time that she became immersed in the Downtown Eastside community, and was inspired to amalgamate her painting skills with her connection to social issues. Two of Alex’s paintings from The Faces We Pass By Every Day are currently featured on display at the Vancouver International Airport (YVR).

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This is a body of work titled “the Influencer.” Millennials have birthed a new form of advertising by using two major online platforms: Youtube and Instagram. These individuals are called "Influencers” because through their enormous followings and celebrity-like adorations on social media, they are able to influence their audience into purchasing items ranging from clothing to cosmetics to electronics to cars and more. Their virtual content (pictures, videos, blogs, etc.) are lavishly monetized by companies to promote their products or services. The disturbing problem in this now-ubiquitous trend to influence through online content is that this type of consumption is completely unsustainable for the planet and for the human psyche. Many of these pictures and videos show young men and women unpacking and showing off enormous purchases of clothing, sometimes hundreds of dollars worth and other times tens of thousands of dollars worth. Encouraging others to consume in these proportions is toxic. The damaging environmental impacts and human rights violations the clothing industry has is staggering, yet we rarely are exposed to the ugly underbelly of this industry: The apparel and footwear industries together account for more than 8 percent of global climate impact, which is more than all international airline flights and marine shipping trips combined. By encouraging these levels of consumption, we are making problems like climate change much worse. I have taken screenshots of real influencers off Youtube, and anonymized these individuals by overlaying our Capitalistic heroine, Barbie. Through this parodical series, I am intending to frame these venerated pawns of the advertisement industry in a much more poignant light.

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