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I grew up in Summerland, British Columbia, Canada, and in 2001 received my Bachelor of Fine Art Degree from Okanagan University in Kelowna. After living and working in Vancouver for several years my husband and I purchased our home (with art studio) in Port Coquitlam. Over the years I’ve worked in a variety of arts related environments, including galleries and theatres, art centres, art supply stores, and have even run a few little side businesses including sublimation printing, window & mural painting, and a range of temporary community art projects and installations at pop up events. Since 2019 I have been an artist in residence at the Roundhouse Community Art Centre in Vancouver (@sarahronaldair on Instagram). My retail line of work is available through my online shop and a variety of gift shops around BC. I have exhibited around the province in group and solo shows in both community and commercial galleries, and my artwork is in private collections around the world. I am currently focused on a return to my original love of drawing and storytelling, and am happy to be combining these passions to explore deeper connections between humans and the natural world.

Ronald, Sarah

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  Ronald, Sarah

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  Port Coquitlam, BC, Canada

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My artwork explores our relationships with wild animals as living beings and as concepts. I feel humans need continual reminding that we are only tenants on this planet, and I believe that art is an accessible means to offer this reminder. I think a lot about our love for pets and how this ties to the bigger picture on the planet. If we are capable of loving pets like family, then we are capable of understanding that wild animals (all animals) are simply individuals that we don’t know. No one species is greater (or lesser) than another - regardless of human behavior, we’re all equal. My intention with my artwork is to move beyond solely revering wildlife as survivors and adaptors in their changing spaces, and to begin incorporating humans (and our hand) as a means to explore a wider conversation. In this way, humans transition from being independent observers to a larger part of the animal narrative in my work.

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